Don’t move, we’ll pick you up

Don’t move, we’ll pick you up

Life is speeding up or at least it seems that way. All of us are busier than ever before and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. That’s why is determined to make our rental experience as fast, efficient and pleasant an experience as possible. We’re here to help, we’re here to serve, because you don’t need any more demands on your time.

Did you know that you can reach us on all our social media channels and request a car to come and collect you from your hotel or office, plus we’ll drop you back there at the end of your booking? Call our number and speak to one of our friendly staff about “We’ll Pick You Up.”

Plus, in response to the growing demand from business and individuals for fast, convenient car rental, the website now provide an on-site Enterprise Hire-a-car service to our customers.

We are also expanding ‘our’ hotel services and will keep you posted as we add new hotels. We’re confident that these services will help get you on the road quicker without you having to travel to pick up your rental – just pick up the phone and call

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