5 Things To Look Out For When Driving

5 Things To Look Out For When Driving

1. Stick to the speed limit


car-speed-indicatorThis first one is an obvious one of course, but worth repeating; stick to the speed limit. Whilst the national speed limit for single carriageway roads is 60mph, country roads will have lower speed limits in place, tailored to the needs of the road. Make sure to take note of speed limit signs, and adjust your speed accordingly.



2. Brake before bends

5 Things to look out for when driving road-fog-bend-foggyBreaking before bends adequately, and not whilst going through the bend, is a good practice in general, not only on country roads. It will give you extra time to gauge the bend ahead, especially important if you find it difficult gauge the sharpness of the bend if your view of the road is partly blocked by bushes or trees. Apart from that, it will ensure your you can navigate the corner smoothly, not upsetting the balance of the car. Remember, you can always step back on the throttle having gone through the corner.



3. Think ahead


Whilst this could be a top tip for life in general, thinking ahead is one of the most important things to focus on when driving. The best drivers read the road ahead, and don’t just focus on the car in front of them. It will enable you to identify potential hazards like bends and potholes (and tractors) way in advance.




4. Stay on your side of the road

5 Things to look out for when driving road car tire

Sometimes it can be tempting to verge into the other side of the road slightly to cut corners. Essentially it is lazy driving, and potentially dangerous. Think about it, what would happen if you’re going through a sharp bend, cutting the corner, and oncoming traffic suddenly appears?




5. Slow traffic

5 Things to look out for when driving

If you have ever driven on a country road you will know that traffic will come in all shapes and sizes, moving at a variety of speeds. Think of cyclists, horses, tractors, pedestrians, sheep, cows and other wildlife. Take care to pass slowly if confronted with a slow moving road user, and only overtake if you have a complete overview of the road ahead and oncoming traffic.


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