5 Tips To Know When Buying A Used Car

5 Tips To Know When Buying A Used Car

There are differences between Tokunbo and Second Hand. Tokunbo cars are imported from overseas while Second Hand Cars are cars used and resold in Nigeria.

Here are 5 things to consider when you want to buy a used Car in Nigeria.





1. Determine your Budget: Don’t let your emotions control you or allow someone trick you into spending more than you have budgeted for. You don’t want to go borrow money or spend more than your budget just to get home and discover you paid more for the Car than its actual worth.



2. Beware of a good Deal: When you are being offered a Car that obviously look like it’s worth more than the seller is asking for. Be careful!! It might just have problems that are not visible to Unclad eyes.



3.Research the Model: Every Car brand has its strong and weak points. What they lack in some parts, they make up for in others.The down side might just be what you are not prepared for. There are cars that naturally consume fuel and some others are prone to Wheel problems. Make sure you research the model you plan to buy so you are aware of what you are getting yourself into.


4.Use your Own Mechanic : Don’t take the sellers word for it, you need to be 101% sure of what you are paying for. Go with a trusted mechanic and have him check it out. Also make sure to do a test drive.



5. Inspect the Owner, not just the Car : It might sound weird but I believe a car is an extension of its

owner. Make sure to check out the owner (not in a creepy way) and ask yourself questions like; Is he trustworthy?, Is the Owner too eager to sell? or maybe he isn’t willing to sell.