Best Time Before Vehicle Replacement

Best Time Before Vehicle Replacement

Best Time Before Vehicle Replacement

Trying to decide whether to trade in your old car for a new one? The decision of what to drive is a big one. There are many things to consider before you replace your older car, including upcoming financial needs, the age of the car, repair costs, and safety concerns.

the rationale in a business is different to private, its about how much you can depretiate the vehicle for tax purposes vs purchase/sale price and also what VAT you can potentially recover.

Best Time Before Vehicle Replacement I think between 4 and 6 years depending on how much you like having a new car (ie more frequent if you like shiny and new and are prepared to pay a bit for it). Personally I am in the keep it for ages camp, we’ve bought demonstrators and kept them 7-10 years. we bought two new cars in 2007 and still have them both. I think cars are much better built and more reliable than they ever were, we have an Audi A6 with 100,000 on it and it’s almost like new. If you are focused on minimal depretiation you buy the 4-6 yr old car

If your car is 6 yrs old now, then it is the best time to sell and buy another car now?
or drive till the full 9 – 10 yrs and scrap it, then buy another car by then.?

It is true that now if you sell/trade in your 6 yrs old car and buy another one (used car) now is more worth it due to your car still have some value?
because if you wait till the full 10 yrs… the car has no more value.

As now if you buy high, you can also sell your current car high too.

Best Time Before Vehicle Replacement
Best time always when coe cheap so depreciation less.

Or use 10 yrs till scrap then lose less like that. You buy when coe is high every year you lose more and when coe is low you cannot sell because people prefer to buy new cheap low coe car. so you sell for scrap and only get back peanuts from dealers till you cry every night.

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