Dangerous Bus Stops In Lagos

Thanks to the Lagos State Government for their constant effort in making lagos a safer place for everyone, here are some of the bus-stops to keep tabs on. Either day or night, you have to be careful when standing, walking, or even driving along these axis.

They are:

(1) Oshodi Oke and Isale – The centre hub of all Lagos bus-stops. Its centre to, and main garage for travelers after Ojota. 419ners, fraudsters are common around the area.

(2) Ajah –
In Ajah, It’s always street fight like street fighters video game. In the process, you will be robbed off all your possession if you are not careful.

(3) Berger bus stop:
Reputed for its high criminal rate, investigation revealed that hoodlums operate mainly at the Ojodu-Berger bridge.

(4)  First Gate junction, Agidingbin: Anyone going to Agidingbi in Ikeja from Berger will pass through a spot called First Gate junction. This is not a bus stop per se, but it has become a black spot where criminals attack people and dispossess them of their valuables without help from the security agents. Armed robbers always trail their targets to this point before they strike.

(5) Boundary bus stop in Ajegunle
: One million boys’ gang territory for the Ajegunle boys.

(6) Ijora bus stop
: The name, Ijora sends jitters down the spines of most Lagosians due to the kind of crimes committed there. Ijora bus stop is home to a potpourri of criminal activities ranging from ‘one chance’ to gang rape, and they occur regularly. The boys usually hang around, smoking and drinking alcohol.

(7) Mile 2 Oke: This is another notorious spot greatly feared by Lagos residents. Before the on-going construction of Lagos Light Rail Project on Badagry Expressway, under the bridge at Mile 2 used to be the most dreaded point in the area.

(8) Church bus stop: A hidden haven of urchins, this bus stop is small but mighty. It is located before Agboju on Mile 2-Badagry Expressway.


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