Jautos Now in America

Jautos Now in America

Great NEWS!!! are you visiting America for business or pleasure, do you want to experience true luxury and comfort as you drive through the streets of New York, Texas and Atlanta in a state of the art vehicle with world class chauffeurs.

With Wifi enabled cars you’re sure to have a wonderful experience,


we also provide hotel bookings, tour guides/cars to visit great/historical places in America (New York, Texas & Atlanta) such as Donald Triumph Towers, Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Emperor Tower, Coca HQ, CNN HQ etc.

If you’re ever in America for business, holidays or just fun, feel free to visit our corporate office at  350 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10118, United States.
Call: +16469454549

Jonellies autos llc
Is launched in america USA
To serve you overseas with our new range of 2017 Toyota Camry, Chevrolet exotic jeeps & Toyota corolla 2017.
Tour ride to all the wonderful tourist sites in america
Free WiFi service on board
You sure have the best experience

At Jonellies Autos, you can rely on us as a 1st class experience is guaranteed and we always deliver…

Visit us and
Book now to Enjoy discounts
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Fb page:@jautosng1


@jonellies Autos,  a 1st class experience guaranteed…

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