Safety Tips To Avoid Being Robbed In a Taxi

Safety Tips To Avoid Being Robbed In a Taxi

1) Do not flash or display your money.

Do not wear any type of expensive watch, neck chains, or wrist bracelets. If you do, you are providing motivation for the person to rob you. Buy a cheap watch, etc., the throwaway type. Make sure , if you must wear a neck chain, that it is very thin so that it will break before it can strangle you. Ensure that you keep a minimum amount of money on you, say change for a 200 bills, get a bank account and use the ATM machine and when you are finished for the night, simply withdraw it, it is always advisable to use your atm.

2) Size up your driver – assess risk.

Most drivers will pose some level of risk to you. Read them – assess them, then act accordingly. You must remember this point:

Never underestimate anybody !


3) Greet-and maintain eye contact with the driver when entering

It is essential that you make eye contact with your driver, try to do it as they are entering your vehicle. The reason is simple: To greet them as a customer and send a subtle message to them : “I see you – you see me – I can identify you and I acknowledge you as a person as I do me”. It makes it harder for them to want to hurt you. When you don’t even bother to look at them, you send a message to them- you don’t care about them, and that you are very careless and unaware. I cannot empathize enough how important it is for you to make eye contact with your driver. Your life may depend upon it!


4) Trust your instincts.

All your life while you grew up you learned things and stored the experiences in your mind. These learned experiences make up our “data” banks. These banks provide us with knowledge and understanding. These banks are what causes your “instincts” to react. These reactions are very real. Your gut instinct will be right 99% of the time. Listen to what your body is telling you!


5) Know emergency procedures

Each staff of Jautos  company has in place a set of emergency procedure rules, for use in different circumstances. These rules vary from company to company and you must make a sincere effort to learn them. They are not there for the company, but are for you and your personal safety. Learn what the trouble call signals are, learn each and every emergency numbers. Check the locations of emergency switches out every time you enter the cab, so you remember where they are when you need them.


6) Always keep your windows rolled up and doors locked..

I do not mean all the way up, just open enough so that you can speak to people and get air, but they cannot get their hand through the window to grab your hair or body and yank you out of the car or bang your head against the glass to stun you. This will allow you to have constant fresh, clean air, but yet be safe at the same time.

This is extremely important if you are sitting behind, while driving through a street. Often you may be reading a paper or book while waiting to get to your destination, and you sure don’t want someone to come up beside you on foot without you noticing them and jerking open your door and attacking you.


7) Be extra careful late at night

The most dangerous hours for you to operate in are between 8:00 pm in the evening and 6:00 am in the morning. In particular, the darkest hours between 12:00 midnight and 04:00 am. Most assaults and robberies committed against taxi drivers/passengers occur during these late hours. At this time of the night, there a few people around as witnesses, And of course we all know, most criminals prefer to conduct their business in the dark hours. Even though these can be your most tiring hours, you cannot afford to be careless and unaware. You must maintain a high state of alertness during these periods of time.


8) Know your location at all times.

This is very important to be able to tell someone where you are in case you get into trouble. Nobody can help you if they do not know where you are when you call for help. I suggest that as you drive, make a mental note of each street you turn onto, read the street signs. The last thing you have seen is what you remember. For example: north on Maryland, east on 2nd, west on West Drive. Besides, it helps you learn the geography.


9) Look for an escape opportunity

As in any situation, we must always be preparing an escape route or plan. If you are being robbed, think about it without showing any sign of it to the robber. It is a move of last resort, so plan it carefully. Then, only if you can do so without injury to yourself, make your move. Try to do it in a populated, well-lit area, like an intersection, a store lot, anywhere there are people and lighting. Remember, it is an action of last resort. It is good sometimes when you are idle, to think through ideas of this nature under different circumstances, so that if you should need to act, then you may have some idea of what to do.


10) Memorize the suspect’s description

When the attack or robbery is finished, immediately take pen or pencil and write down everything you can remember about the suspect, so that you can make a good witness for the police. Try to remember these details: sex, race, age, height, weight, hair colour and style, eye colour, scars or tattoo’s, body marks, glasses, facial hair, voice – high/low, accented , ethnic, stuttering or other voice defects. The clothing, jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, and last but not least the type of weapon used, and exactly what the suspect said to you. If you can do this while your memory is fresh, it will greatly help in the apprehension of the suspect and his conviction. These bad guys do get caught more often than you believe, through good descriptions provided. We want to send a message to the world that we will do everything to catch the person and convict them for what they have done to us.

These are but a few techniques all drivers should study very carefully, and practice with diligence. They can save your life!

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